Mixes are born out of a need to tell a story.  2020 has been a brutal year, one very few would want to repeat. We’ve all made the best of it, and are marching towards a collective sigh of relief on New Year’s Day.  It doesn’t make all the bad go away but we can still breathe easier somehow.

As we adapted with a recent long needed break at a nearby shelter-in-place getaway, I was inspired to play.  The home did not have reliable wifi so plans for streaming with longtime friends was shot.  It was a posibility and I wasn’t that hurt about it.  However, I still had the itch to play.

I had a few false starts, teching sound issues along the way.  This set was naturally meant to be played when it was as the last track sent the sun down over the horizon.

This will be the first in a series called Sol Chasers.  It is meant to call on our missing each other at the raves, parties, and gettogethers.  These sets will be themed after my most loved times to perform, sunrise and sunset. The energy of both time slots are electric and I find the best for taking dancers through a journey.

Photo Cred: Augie Sanchez





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